Ask Don: What are Phosphates in my Pool?

Hey Don: What are phosphates? What are they doing in my pool, and how can I get rid of them? Answer: Phosphates are a plant nutrient and contribute to the growth of algae in your pool. City water has phosphates. Fertilizer, ground water run off, plant matter and debris also …

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Ask Don: What about NON-Chlorine Solutions

Hey Don: What do you offer people with pools and spas that is not chlorine? Answer: One option is SoftSwim from BioGuard. Simple, gentle non-chlorine pool and spa care. There are easy steps to follow and take-home test strips to keep your water balanced. Give us a call with your …

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Ask Don: Do you test Pool and Spa Water?

Hey Don: Do you test Pool and Spa Water? Answer: Sure bring in the water sample and we’ll let you know if it’s balanced, or what you need to add to make your pool or spa water clear and sparkling clean.

Ask Don: Do you special order parts?

Hey Don: Do you special order parts? Yes, call us with your questions. If we don’t have a part in stock, we will call the distributor and get it shipped in! We stock many parts for pumps, heaters, filters and more.