Ask Don: I added Chlorine, Why is my pool still cloudy?

Ask Don: I added Chlorine. Why is my pool still cloudy?

Answer: Cloudy water in the pool is probably unbalanced chemicals and/or small particles that are too small for your filter to clean out.

First of all test the water or bring us a sample. Then we will know where you are starting out.

According to the test results we can recommend Chlorine, Acid or other chemicals to balance your water.  We start with 4 gallons of Chlorine for a 16,000 gallon pool and then you should run your circulation system for up to 24 hours.  Test your water after, and see if you still have chlorine. You have to get ahead of the chlorine curve.

If you don’t have enough chlorine then the problem can get worse with algae growth. In addition, heavy rains, lack of sunlight on the pool, lack of pool use,  too little filtration time (filter should run 8 to 12 hours each day that the pool is open and poor circulation can contribute to cloudy water.

With a little time and effort, we should be able to balance your water and keep it in the right ranges. We have test kits and can explain how to use them. Feel free to bring in your water any time for a free test as well.

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